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Sherry is the CEO and Founder of SquareTree Publishing. If you’re a writer, especially if you’re starting to think about writing a book, the thought of publishing your manuscript can be overwhelming. In this show, Sherry breaks this intimidating process into smaller, easier to handle steps, and shows you some secret tips to get you through the finish line. She also offers a special gift, so make sure you listen to the end!

Matt Janda is our featured Legal Business Expert. He is a powerhouse of wisdom that has blessed me many times over. Every month, he’s going to talk about some aspect of Business Law, and in this episode, he’s going to talk about Trademarks. He also has a surprise gift for everyone at the end, so listen carefully, to make sure you get this gift!

Welcome to WE ARE MADE FOR MORE®'s inaugural episode! In our first show, Manna not only shares a little “behind the scenes” of her amazing “Made For More®” message, she delivers a great teaching for all leaders and emerging leaders as well! We’re so happy you’re joining us today and for being a part of our We Are Made For More® Family!


Welcome to We Are Made For More®; another uplifting offering from Manna Ko; author of Made For More®, and creator of Manna For Life® and the Made For More® Happy Place.


Stay tuned; exciting things are coming!